What Our Patients Are Saying

In our most recent patient satisfaction survey, 99.2 percent of New Pueblo Medicine patients rated their overall satisfaction as: excellent (64.2%); very good (28.7%); good (6.3%). When asked if they would recommend New Pueblo Medicine to their family or friends respondents replied: ‘Yes, definitely’ (89%) or ‘Yes, probably’ (11%).

(Note: more than 370 New Pueblo Medicine patients were surveyed, providing a 95 percent confidence level with a margin of error of +/- 5 percent.)


"Our entire family has been utilizing the medical care with Dr. Selwyn, Dr. Sharma and staff for the last 17 years.  New Pueblo Medicine has always been a comfort to us."
-Christina R.

"After my fall, Dr. Penaflor told me to go to TMC ER.  When I arrived at TMC, everything was ready for me when I pulled up.  The care was amazing and everyone was very nice.  I want to thank Dr. Penaflor and his staff for making things go so smoothly with my admission to TMC.  I am very happy with my care here at New Pueblo and at TMC."
-Alice T.

“For over 25 years my New Pueblo Medicine physician has been anticipatory, responsive, competent and caring. Having a concerned and skillful ‘health partner’ and staff dedicated to my physical and mental well-being has been a constant source of confidence and comfort”.
 -  William I.

“I have been a patient at New Pueblo Medicine for over 20 years. The staff has always been helpful and caring. Whenever I have needed an appointment or have had questions for the doctor, they have always made sure my needs were met. The staff and doctors are great.”
 -  Cathy H.

“We have been using New Pueblo Medicine practice for more than 20 years. In all that time we have never been treated with anything but kindness from any of the doctors or the medical staff. Everyone employed there truly cares for the well-being of the patients, physically and emotionally. There have been several times when our doctor’s decisions have saved the life of one or the other of us. We always know that if we are sick and need to be seen right away, with or without an appointment, we will be seen and taken care of. Having worked in the medical field for many years before retirement  I know an outstanding practice when I see it”.
  - Robin & Art C.

If you are a New Pueblo Medicine patient and would like to tell us about your experience please go to Share Your Experience.