Always contact your pharmacy first when filling or refilling a prescription. The pharmacy will contact New Pueblo Medicine for authorization if necessary. Keep in mind, it can take up to 3 business days to refill your medication, so please plan ahead.

If you receive your prescriptions through mail order, when a refill is required you will need to call the office. Refills of controlled substances will only be made by calling and visiting New Pueblo Medicine during office hours.

If you are a new patient or if you have scheduled an annual physical with your New Pueblo Medicine physician, please make a list of all current prescriptions, over the counter drugs or any supplements you are taking and bring them with you in their original bottles to your appointment. Your physician will assess them for potential drug interactions and reactions.

Speak to your primary care physician if you are planning a trip out of the country or taking an extended vacation and need a written prescription to take with you. If you are traveling overseas, we recommend you schedule an appointment in our Traveler's Clinic two months prior to your departure, allowing time to have recommended immunizations for the countries you will be visiting.