Anticoagulation Clinic

Anticoagulants, sometimes referred to as ‘blood thinners’, are used to inhibit the formation of clotting agents so blood cannot clot easily. Our physicians prescribe anticoagulation therapy for patients who are at risk for health problems that are caused by blood clots, including:

  • Irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation)
  • Mechanical heart valve
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Pulmonary embolus
  • Congestive heart failure
  • History of blood clots

When a patient begins anticoagulation therapy, frequent testing and monitoring are required to regulate the dose and to ensure stable levels in the blood. After appropriate levels have been reached, testing occurs less frequently. Protime testing is performed using a finger stick. This requires a brief appointment in our Anticoagulation Clinic, with results available immediately. Our anticoagulation technician works closely with your New Pueblo Medicine physician and may provide new instructions and dosage information after each visit. She also provides patient education about common foods, drugs and supplements that can interact with anticoagulants and lead to dangerous situations. To schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment, please call (520) 290-0300.