Urgent and Emergency Care

How to Access Care for Urgent Medical Problems

When an urgent care situation arises call the office anytime at (520) 290-0300. During regular office hours, 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, a New Pueblo Medicine clinical team member will assess the level of care you need and schedule an appointment that day with our licensed nurse practitioners, Kris Silverman, FNP-C and Amy Priftakis AGNP-c. These professionals set aside time for urgent care appointments and work closely with your New Pueblo Medicine physician. If a team member is not available at the time you call, leave a detailed message and your call will be returned promptly. If your urgent problem occurs after hours or over the weekend, call the office and tell the answering service you want to speak to the New Pueblo Medicine physician on call, who will respond to your urgent situation. 

How To Know If You Need Urgent Care Or Emergency Care

Many patients express confusion over which medical conditions are urgent and which require emergency treatment. The following guidelines and examples are designed to help you distinguish between the two.

URGENT CARE is treatment for a non-life threatening illness or injury that will not cause further disability or death if not treated immediately. Urgent problems require professional attention within 24 to 48 hours to prevent them from progressing into a more serious or painful medical condition. Examples include severe cuts and sprains; strep throat; urinary tract infections; serious abdominal pain; coughs, colds and flu; persistent diarrhea; sinus infections; and earaches.

EMERGENCY CARE is immediate treatment required for a sudden, unexpected medical condition or extreme pain that poses an immediate threat to life and limb. Treatment is provided in a hospital emergency room. Examples include passing out or losing consciousness; shortness of breath; chest pain; uncontrolled bleeding; sudden unexplained weakness or loss of feeling in your body (paralysis); severe pain; poisoning; and drug overdoses.


If You Require Care in a Hospital Emergency Room

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, you are advised to call 911 immediately. Emergency conditions require immediate treatment in a hospital emergency room that is equipped with life-saving equipment, surgical facilities and intensive care capabilities.

Patients are encouraged to use Tucson Medical Center whenever possible. TMC is the primary hospital for New Pueblo Medicine. If you go to the TMC emergency room or are admitted by a specialist, let the hospital staff know you are a New Pueblo Medicine patient.

Our Insurance Card Sleeve Can Enhance Your Care in a Medical Emergency

New Pueblo Medicine created a special card sleeve to hold your medical insurance card. Please pick one up the next time you’re in our office. We urge you to carry your card in this sleeve at all times. In a medical emergency or outside care situation, the contact information on this card sleeve will tell healthcare providers how to securely obtain your most current New Pueblo Medicine medical data, lab tests and X-Rays. This valuable information will help in your treatment and avoid the possibility of performing unnecessary and costly procedures. If you would like additional card sleeves for secondary or supplemental health insurance cards, please call us at (520) 290-0300 and we will mail them to you.

All of us at New Pueblo Medicine are committed to working with you to
achieve your optimal health.  If you have any questions or would like additional information about urgent care procedures at New Pueblo Medicine,
 please call us at (520) 290-0300.