Care Management

When New Pueblo Medicine patients are about to be discharged from the hospital, we make every effort to ensure their successful recovery and prevent readmission. Our registered nurse care manager, Phyllis Nichols, is devoted to that goal. With an extensive background in geriatric nursing and inpatient medical facilities, she acts as a liaison providing support for patients who are transitioning from an inpatient facility such as a hospital, rehabilitation unit or skilled nursing facility, to their homes. She works closely with patients and their families during this time to:

  • Make sure patients understand their current health status and new medication regimens
  • Help facilitate home-health services and needed medical equipment when they arrive home
  • Perform patient assessments and explain processes and procedures
  • Ensure that follow-up appointments are scheduled
  • Work in collaboration with the patients primary care physician and other members of the healthcare team to ensure communication and care coordination

Phyllis is dedicated to assuring that appropriate, quality care is provided leading to the best possible patient outcomes, avoiding complications or readmission to the hospital. To contact her, call (520) 901-1409.