Diabetes Management

New Pueblo Medicine patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes receive comprehensive support in managing their disease. Their New Pueblo Medicine physician provides the basics for their treatment plan, including diet, medications and regular checkups. Other members of the New Pueblo Medicine healthcare team provide additional support and services:

  • Phyllis Nichols, RN, New Pueblo Medicine's care manager, holds diabetes workshops using tools developed by the American Diabetes Association. Sessions include the link between healthy eating and blood sugar; recognizing and correcting high and low blood sugar; timing your meals appropriately; and much more. Call (520) 290-0300.

Our physicians encourage screening all patients for pre-diabetes using a quick, non-fasting hemoglobin A1c test that can be done as part of a routine office visit. Identifying pre-diabetes is an opportunity for patients to improve their health because progression from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes is not necessarily inevitable. We work in partnership with pre-diabetes patients, providing education and support for making permanent lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and weight loss as a way to slow the progression of the disease and in some cases, bring blood glucose levels back to normal.